Men’s Tennis Shorts – Woven Short

Men’s Tennis Shorts – Woven Short

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Tennis Shorts For Men – Woven Fabric Shorts

Rajco Industries is one of the leading manufacturers of quality tennis shorts for men using woven fabrics. The WR 3065 woven fabric is a lightweight, 100% polyester mechanical fabric that is incredibly comfortable to wear on the court. This fabric is created with an engineer grade weave and a water-resistant finish that provides superior protection from the elements while also offering superior breathability and durability. The fabric is designed with comfort in mind, providing the perfect balance of lightness, breathability, flexibility, and durability. Rajco Industries also uses leading-edge, advanced production techniques such as bonding panels, laser cutting, and lamination to make sure that the highest quality standards are achieved. Rajco Industries is well-regarded for its high-quality tennis shorts, as they are designed to perform well in all kinds of conditions, while also remaining breathable and comfortable for those long matches. Whether you are playing a recreational or competitive match, Rajco Industries has you covered with the perfect tennis shorts that will help you to give your best performance every time.


  • WR 3065


  • 100% Polyester Mechanical Fabric


  • Adult: S – 5XL
  • Youth: XS – XL


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