Lacrosse Shorts

Lacrosse Shorts

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Lacrosse Shorts – Lacrosse Custom Shorts Sublimated

Rajco Industries is an expert manufacturer of custom sports clothing with a focus on making quality Lacrosse shorts. Our manufacturing process involves using only the best KK Mesh Dry-fit 155 GSM fabric ? a type of fabric that is lightweight and breathable, providing the highest level of comfort for the sports enthusiast. We use a Sublimation Printing process to create each pair of shorts, which helps bring out the vibrant colors and intricate details in the fabric ? bringing out the best in a custom design. Our clients have given us a positive response for creating some of the best, most comfortable and stylish Lacrosse shorts that truly capture the spirit of the sport. Another unique advantage of our products is the affordable prices of our custom-designed products. With a skilled team of professionals, we strive to exceed the level of quality and excellence that our customers, both new and old, expect of us. By working together with our valued customers, we are continuously finding ways to improve the technical and design aspects of our products to maximize the satisfaction rate for all of our clients.


  • KK Mesh Dry-Fit 155GSM


  • Adult: S – 5XL
  • Youth: XS – XL


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