Fishing Shorts

Fishing Shorts

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Fishing Woven Shorts – Made From Mechanical Fabric

Rajco Industries is a fishing shorts manufacturer who specialises in Woven Shorts made from WR 3065 Fabric. This fabric is composed of 100% Polyester Mechanical Fabric, which makes it ideal for a variety of outdoor activities. With the quality of design and superior durability, Rajco Industries has become a renowned name in the fishing shorts industry. Rajco Industries makes sure that every Woven Short is designed with utmost perfection to makes sure that the shorts are comfortable and long lasting. The fabric used holds up well, even for water sports such as fishing. The fabric is lightweight, breathable and quick to dry. It is also sweat absorbent and moisture resistant, which makes it ideal to use in warm and humid climates. The fabric also offers excellent protection from UV rays, which provide further protection for long days of fishing. With all these benefits, Rajco Industries provide the perfect comfort and performance for fishing expeditions. They are also extremely stylish and fashionable, making them an essential part of any angler’s wardrobe.


  • WR 3065


  • 100% Polyester Mechanical Fabric


  • Adult: S – 5XL
  • Youth: XS – XL


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